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Model : FG-118S    GSM car alarm System
Apply to protect all type of cars, trucks, taxi, jeeps as well as other automobiles.
With Chinese/English/Russian/Czech/Spanish/ Turkish voice reminder
Friendly human voice reminder. The user needn' t memorize any command to operate the system.
Remote open/close car door and trunk release.
Remote arm/disarm
Any trigger will auto-dial the preset phone No. and send SMS.
Enquiry the status of your car by any phone.
No distance limit to control your cars by any phone or SMS.
Remote police alert/monitor/oil cut-off/power off/voice frightening.
Can activate/deactive car running.
Can prohibit/permit telephone alarm.
With hidden emergency button, it can send help signal quietly.
With backup battery.
With hicker memory and safety reminder.
Can start car engine and air conditioner by remoter, phone or SMS to create a comfortable driving environment.
Car mobile and GSM location
Metal case and hopping code remoter.
GSM frequency:
FG118S: GSM900/1800MHZ and Siemens GSM module
FG118SA: GSM850/1900/900/1800MHZ and SIMCOM GSM module


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